Purple Cupcakes for Purple Day!

Hey everyone!

I have something pretty cool to share with you.  Tomorrow, Tuesday, March 26th is Purple Day.  Purple Day, founded by 9 year old Cassidy Megan, was implemented to raise awareness for Epilepsy. I love when a young mind can impact the world! If you would like to read more about what Purple Day is all about and how it all got started please visit this website!

Blossoms, a wonderful florist and gift shop in Denmark, WI is taking part in The Great Purple Cupcake Project.  On March 26th, bakeries all over the world feature cupcakes decorated with purple decorations to support Epilepsy awareness.


Tammy, the owner of Blossoms, puts together her own version of The Great Purple Cupcake Project every year right in her shop.  Bakeries from the Green Bay and surrounding areas as well as wonderful home bakers donate their beautiful purple cupcakes to the event.  In turn, people can come into the store and buy these beautiful cupcakes and all proceeds will benefit Epilepsy awareness and education! When Tammy asked if I would be able to donate some cupcakes and help support her effort I was more than willing!


Please stop by Blossoms, in Denmark, WI, tomorrow, March 26th and purchase some purple cupcakes and help support a great cause!

220 Bohemia Dr.
Denmark, WI  54208


Two is better than one!

When it comes to anything sweet, two is always better than one, right?

Well, when it’s a birthday for twins, thats exactly what you get!  Two cakes!


Xaine and Xander are turning 5…what a fun age!

They each got to pick out what flavors of cake and filling they wanted and also got to pick out how they wanted the cake decorated.

These two 5 year olds picked out some great flavor combinations!


Xaine got a red velvet cake with cream cheese filling and wanted Donatello from the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles drawn on his cake.

Xander got marble cake with orange zest filling and wanted Mavis from Hotel Transylvania on his cake.

Oh, to be 5 again!

Happy Birthday Xaine and Xander!


Chocolate Cream Cheese Sandwich Cookies

I firmly believe two good things make a great thing….or in this case, two great things make an awesome thing!

And these cookies are just that. Take a chocolate brownie cookie and pair it with tangy cream cheese icing and you got yourself something to write home about.

Chocolate Sandwich Cookies

Delicious cream cheese frosting in between two brownie cookies.

Can’t go wrong with that!

Chocolate Sandwich Cookies

Tell me these aren’t calling your name!

Contact me if you would like to order some of these lovely cookies…but be sure to order a few extra, as I am sure they won’t last long!

I also offer them with mint and peanut butter cream cheese filling!


Oh, to be a kid again.

Remember when you were a kid and all you wanted from your birthday cake was that sweet, sugary buttercream?  I know I sure did.  The sweeter the better was the number one rule in my book back in 1990!

I had so much fun making this cake for little Hunter.  He is a whole year old and what better way to celebrate than with a Mickey Mouse cake!

Want to know what is even better than a Mickey Mouse cake?

A chocolate Mickey Mouse cake with cookies and cream filling.

Yes. Oreos, chocolate cake, sugary buttercream…you can’t tell me your “kid self” wouldn’t love that!

And of course you have to have something for the little guy to dig into!

Happy 1st Birthday, Hunter!

Macarons, cookies, and the spa…what’s not to love?!

Although I love making cakes, macarons hold a special place in my heart.  There is something about those little confections that makes me happy.  Maybe it’s the cute little feet on the bottom of each shell, or all the wonderful colors you can make them to be, or maybe even the fact that every time I complete a batch it feels like a mini accomplishment…many things have to go right in order for these babies to turn out!

Like whipping the egg whites…whip it good.


The mixer was actually whipping the egg whites when I snapped this photo.  You can’t even see the whip attachment, it is going so fast!


For this batch of macarons I used natural almond flour, which means there are little specks of the brown skin of the almond in the flour.  I wanted to see what effect the specks would lend to the macaron.  The other option is blanched almond flour, which doesn’t produce a speckled look.  Although I prefer macarons made with blanched almond flour, these turned out pretty nice, and had a slight rustic, organic, feel to them which I loved.


With some help from Cuyler, the wonderful people over at Salon Spa Aura in Green Bay provided me with a wonderful opportunity to showcase my product.  They are holding an all-day spa event  for around 30 Green Bay Packer’s player’s wives.  I was given the opportunity to put together a small bag of product of my choosing and the women would be able to take them home at the end of the day.

I decided, what is better after a nice spa day than a little chocolate?  I made chocolate ganache macarons, white chocolate raspberry macarons, and cutout cookies to put inside their take-home bags.


Isn’t that little stand cute!


It sounds like such a fun event. Who wouldn’t love a spa day!

Again I would like to thank everyone at Salon Spa Aura in Green Bay for allowing me to showcase my product.  It’s great when businesses can work together and help each other within the community!  Stop in and visit them, as they are new to the area as well!