Wedding – Cheryl and Loren

This past weekend I had the pleasure of making Cheryl and Loren’s wedding cake.  This wonderful couple gave me free-reign to decorate their cake as I saw fit.  They gave me general ideas of what they wanted in a wedding cake and told me what their wedding theme and decorations would be and I took it upon myself to decorate the cake accordingly.

When I arrived at the venue, I instantly loved their decor.  Vintage picture frames everywhere, lace, pearls, gold, and vintage lamps.  I couldn’t wait to set the cake up!

For their cake flavors they chose orange almond cake with orange zest buttercream filling and vanilla cake with raspberry preserve filling.  I snapped a picture of the raspberry preserve filling while I was assembling the cake.

raspberry filling

And here is the finished product.



Along with their tiered cake they also had three half sheet cakes that were going to be sliced and put on a dessert display.

I received this wonderful email from Cheryl the day after the wedding…

“Karli, our wedding cake was AWESOME!!!!  Loved it – it was beautiful and tasted great!  You got lots and lots of compliments!  We had quite a bit left over, but people were really happy to take advantage of leftovers.   Thank you again for doing a phenomenal job!  Best wishes in your growing business.  I’ll keep you in mind for future events.”

I love adding happiness to couple’s special day!

Congratulations Cheryl and Loren!


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