Farmer’s Markets and Contests

Hello everyone!

You may have already been aware of this information since I posted it on my Facebook page a little while ago  but I figured I would put it on here too so everyone gets a chance to hear the good news!

I wanted to let everyone know that I will have a booth at both the On Broadway Farmer’s Market in downtown Green Bay on Wednesday’s from 3-8pm this summer starting June 5th!

I will also have a booth at the De Pere Farmer’s Market in the Seroogy’s parking lot in East De Pere on Thursday mornings from 7am-noon starting July 11th!

I will have cookies, macarons, and specialty cupcakes for sale so stop by!!

I also wanted to let everyone know that there is a contest going on right now on Cake and Cookie’s Facebook page.
Get on over there and “like” the picture of the painted flower cutout cookie like the one below to be entered to win six painted cutout cookies!


Keep checking back because I will have some more cookies and macarons to share with you in the near future along with a wedding cake that I am dying to make!


Baking Lately

I just thought I would share with you some things I have created lately!

A fun polka-dot cake perfect for a tea party!



A fun “sea-creature” themed cake!


Mini macarons….aren’t they cute?!


Cutout cookies for Teacher Appreciation Week!


A fun dolphin cake for Kate, who wants to be a dolphin trainer when she grows up!


Painted flower cutout cookies…just in time for spring!


Wedding – Cheryl and Loren

This past weekend I had the pleasure of making Cheryl and Loren’s wedding cake.  This wonderful couple gave me free-reign to decorate their cake as I saw fit.  They gave me general ideas of what they wanted in a wedding cake and told me what their wedding theme and decorations would be and I took it upon myself to decorate the cake accordingly.

When I arrived at the venue, I instantly loved their decor.  Vintage picture frames everywhere, lace, pearls, gold, and vintage lamps.  I couldn’t wait to set the cake up!

For their cake flavors they chose orange almond cake with orange zest buttercream filling and vanilla cake with raspberry preserve filling.  I snapped a picture of the raspberry preserve filling while I was assembling the cake.

raspberry filling

And here is the finished product.



Along with their tiered cake they also had three half sheet cakes that were going to be sliced and put on a dessert display.

I received this wonderful email from Cheryl the day after the wedding…

“Karli, our wedding cake was AWESOME!!!!  Loved it – it was beautiful and tasted great!  You got lots and lots of compliments!  We had quite a bit left over, but people were really happy to take advantage of leftovers.   Thank you again for doing a phenomenal job!  Best wishes in your growing business.  I’ll keep you in mind for future events.”

I love adding happiness to couple’s special day!

Congratulations Cheryl and Loren!

A Taste of Wine and Beer

This past Saturday I got to take part in a great event hosted by the De Pere Chamber of Commerce.

I got a call on Wednesday from a woman who works for the chamber, and she asked if I would like to have a table of samples for the event…that Saturday!  Apparently someone cancelled at the last minute and they needed to fill a spot.  Cake and Cookie came to the rescue!

The event attendees totaled around 150 and I must say, many of them had a sweet tooth!






I provided samples of:

mini chocolate cupcakes with salted caramel cream filling,

mini vanilla cupcakes with raspberry filling…



white chocolate raspberry, almond, chocolate peanut butter, and minty chocolate macarons…




cream cheese brownie cookie, chocolate chip cookie…




chocolate dipped shortbread logs…




peanut butter cups…



and chocolate chip balls (that have a delicious almond kiss inside!)





It was fun to interact with people and get their feedback.  I hope to do more events like this in the future!

P.S . I had an interview with the Green Bay Press Gazette today so stay tuned for more information regarding my interview and when you can find me in the paper!




I love being able to provide dessert to celebrate some of life’s greatest events.

This week I got to do just that.

A vanilla cake with raspberry preserve filling and italian meringue buttercream to celebrate Baby Clover’s soon-to-be arrival into this world!



Cute little baby booties!



I also got to make a pull-apart cupcake cake in the shape of a wedding dress for a bridal shower.

Cupcake flavors included marble, chocolate with peanut butter filling, and carrot with cream cheese filling.




And even though sweets tend to be made to celebrate events, there is nothing wrong with ordering some “just because!”

Like these salted caramel and key lime macarons.




I will be posting soon about the event I provided dessert samples for last night. Make sure to check back!!

Macaron Madness!

These macarons were made to fulfill a 15 dozen count order. The flavors were white chocolate raspberry, chocolate ganache, strawberry, vanilla bean, chocolate peanut butter, and minty chocolate. Talk about fun! And I really do mean that. I have so much fun making these little guys. I think everyone should order some so I get to have some fun making more! 😉

My sister came into the kitchen with my mom and me last week and snapped some photos and I thought I would share them with you!

















Purple Cupcakes for Purple Day!

Hey everyone!

I have something pretty cool to share with you.  Tomorrow, Tuesday, March 26th is Purple Day.  Purple Day, founded by 9 year old Cassidy Megan, was implemented to raise awareness for Epilepsy. I love when a young mind can impact the world! If you would like to read more about what Purple Day is all about and how it all got started please visit this website!

Blossoms, a wonderful florist and gift shop in Denmark, WI is taking part in The Great Purple Cupcake Project.  On March 26th, bakeries all over the world feature cupcakes decorated with purple decorations to support Epilepsy awareness.


Tammy, the owner of Blossoms, puts together her own version of The Great Purple Cupcake Project every year right in her shop.  Bakeries from the Green Bay and surrounding areas as well as wonderful home bakers donate their beautiful purple cupcakes to the event.  In turn, people can come into the store and buy these beautiful cupcakes and all proceeds will benefit Epilepsy awareness and education! When Tammy asked if I would be able to donate some cupcakes and help support her effort I was more than willing!


Please stop by Blossoms, in Denmark, WI, tomorrow, March 26th and purchase some purple cupcakes and help support a great cause!

220 Bohemia Dr.
Denmark, WI  54208

Two is better than one!

When it comes to anything sweet, two is always better than one, right?

Well, when it’s a birthday for twins, thats exactly what you get!  Two cakes!


Xaine and Xander are turning 5…what a fun age!

They each got to pick out what flavors of cake and filling they wanted and also got to pick out how they wanted the cake decorated.

These two 5 year olds picked out some great flavor combinations!


Xaine got a red velvet cake with cream cheese filling and wanted Donatello from the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles drawn on his cake.

Xander got marble cake with orange zest filling and wanted Mavis from Hotel Transylvania on his cake.

Oh, to be 5 again!

Happy Birthday Xaine and Xander!


Chocolate Cream Cheese Sandwich Cookies

I firmly believe two good things make a great thing….or in this case, two great things make an awesome thing!

And these cookies are just that. Take a chocolate brownie cookie and pair it with tangy cream cheese icing and you got yourself something to write home about.

Chocolate Sandwich Cookies

Delicious cream cheese frosting in between two brownie cookies.

Can’t go wrong with that!

Chocolate Sandwich Cookies

Tell me these aren’t calling your name!

Contact me if you would like to order some of these lovely cookies…but be sure to order a few extra, as I am sure they won’t last long!

I also offer them with mint and peanut butter cream cheese filling!

Oh, to be a kid again.

Remember when you were a kid and all you wanted from your birthday cake was that sweet, sugary buttercream?  I know I sure did.  The sweeter the better was the number one rule in my book back in 1990!

I had so much fun making this cake for little Hunter.  He is a whole year old and what better way to celebrate than with a Mickey Mouse cake!

Want to know what is even better than a Mickey Mouse cake?

A chocolate Mickey Mouse cake with cookies and cream filling.

Yes. Oreos, chocolate cake, sugary buttercream…you can’t tell me your “kid self” wouldn’t love that!

And of course you have to have something for the little guy to dig into!

Happy 1st Birthday, Hunter!